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Established in the year 2016, JK Solar Solutions is started with a vision to popularize solar power as key source of power. Our business operations are in domain of , design, procuring supply, trading, installation, commissioning and servicing solar on-grid /off-grid power systems plants and other solar products. Our range includes Domestic Roof Top Solar systems, Commercial Solar power plants, Solar Inverters, Solar water pumps, Solar Street-lights, Solar Panels. Today, solar power is not a luxury but it is a necessity. Given that India has a very good sunshine for 300 days a year, solar can be a major source powering our economy. The solar power today is available at a tariff of about 7 INR per KWH or unit. For many applications, this is less than the tariff from the electricity board. So, solar can not only provide the stable power but also at a comparable or lower price compared to EB/Grid. And, of course, there is a huge benefit for reducing carbon emission and creating a clean & green environment, thereby giving our future generations a healthy and natural environment to inherit. Now is the good time to invest in solar as the solar panel/modules prices have reached the bottom and are set to go up globally. Please visit our Products pages to see our complete portfolio.

Our Products

Commercial PV ongrid solar system

Domestic rooftop PV ongrid solar system

Industrial PV on/off grid solar system

Solar Electric On/off grid generating system

Solar street light

Agriculture solar water pump

कधीही न संपणारी ऊर्जा ....

मोठ्या उद्योगाप्रमाणेच घराचा छतावर ऊर्जानिर्मिती प्रकल्प साकारण्याची योजना महावितरणने आणली आहे. केवळ 80 हजार / कि. व . रुपये गुंतवून पैसे कमावण्याची संधी या उपक्रमाद्वारे सर्वसामान्यांना उपलब्ध झाली आहे . या योजनेतील कायदेशीर अडसरही राज्य शासनाने जाहीर केलेल्या अधिसूचनेमुळे दूर झाला आहे .सौरऊर्जानिर्मितीची परवानगी आतापर्यंत केवळ उदयोगांनाच होती . आता , मात्र निवासी , वाणिज्य, आणि हौसिंग सोसायट्या , शाळा , कॉलेज , हॉस्पिटलच्या छतावर वीजनिर्मिती करता येईल . त्यासाठी आवश्यक सयंत्रे आमच्याकडे उपलब्ध आहेत. दिवसा निर्माण होणारी वीज गरजेपेक्षा निश्चितच अधिक राहील . न वापरलेली वीज नेटमीटरिंगड्यारे महावितरमनाला विकता येईल .

संजय जाधव या यशस्वी उद्योजकांनी Jadhav Construction, JK Aquatech India (Pvt) Ltd व JD Gas Agency अशा नामांकित कंपन्या बरोबरच JK Solar Solutions च्या माध्यमातून व महावितरणच्या सहयोगाने आपणास हि सुवर्ण संधी प्राप्त करून दिली आहे तरी या संधीचा आपण लाभ घ्यावा . त्वरा करा कारण शासकीय धोरणानुसार आपल्या विभागातील फक्त ग्राहकांना या योजनेचा लाभ घेता येणार आहे .

योजनेची ठळक वैशिष्ट्ये
सौरवीज निर्मितीसाठी आपणास 30% सबसिडी () कडून मिळेल .
70% ते 80% पर्यंत राष्ट्रीयकृत बँकेकडून सहज कर्ज उपलब्ध .
5 ते 7 वर्षात आपल्या गुंतवणुकीचा पूर्ण परतावा
25 वर्ष सौर वीजनिर्मिती प्रकल्पाची हमी
विनाप्रदूषण वीजनिर्मिती
325 पेक्षा जास्त दिवस उन्हाची उपलब्धता
बॅटरीची गरज नसल्याने खर्च कमी
शासकीय नियमानुसार अतिरिक्त तयार होणाऱ्या विजेचा मोबदला महावितरण कडून आपणास मिळेल

Take sun's help to reduce your electricity bills, get paid from MSEDCL

Since ages sun has been known to be the destroyer of evil of darkness. Leading us from darkness of ignorance to the light of Knowledge.


Here comes your opportunity to go green and get less dependent on MSEDCL power. Even though late compared to other states, Maharashtra has finally come up with thrroof top connected solar photovolatic (PV) policy for net metering.

With the new policy in place, even a residential customer can go for roof top solar PV system along with the net metering in place.

The very basic thing about Roof Top Solar PV system is nothing but the electricity is generated by usingdirect sunlight from sun. All you need is sufficient sunlight and place to install SolarPAnel and other allied accessories such as DC to AC converter / inverter.


Here We Come In To The Picture

We are JK Solar Solutions incorporated by Shree Sanjay JAdhav, an young entrepreneur, with trail blazing ventures such as Jadhav Construction, JD Gas Agency and JK Aquatech Pvt. Ltd. We are also an "Associate Construction Partner" with MNRE Approved Channel Partner, Entrepreneur For Pune Zone.

We can help you to do all this by procuring and installing the roof top grid connected solar PV system, liasoning with MSEDCL for grid coonectivity and solar net meter, guiding you in getting subsidies from MEDA and soft loan from various banks. We will be with you in providing the technical knohow and maintenance.


  • Accelerated Deprecation And Tax Benifit (100% In 1st Year) For Industrial Users.
  • 30% subsidies On your Solar System Investment For Domestic And Instituational .
  • 70% to 80% Soft Loan From Govt. Bank.
  • Project Pay bank In 5-7 Years.
  • System Guaranteed For 25 Years.
  • 18/20 Years of Unlimited Sun Power Free.
  • MSEDCL takes your excess generation and pay you back as a Govt. policy.